How to get to Whale Watcher’s in St James

To get to us from Cape Town International Airport you exit the parking lot and proceed along the N2 highway following the signs towards Cape Town for about 10 – 12 minutes [along the way you will pass some cooling towers on your right]. As you approach the base of Table Mountain the highway splits in two – keep left, turning onto the Muizenberg M3 highway. Continue on this highway through the suburb of Bishop’s Court, passing the turn-offs to Wynberg and Constantia. About 20 – 25 minutes after having left the airport (out of rush hour traffic) you get to the end of the M3 Muizenberg highway in the form of a T-junction. Turn left here into Steenberg Rd M42 and then right at the next T-junction into Main Rd M4.

Now follow the road for 4.5kms until your reach the first major intersection with a large traffic sign indicating left to the R310. Turn left onto the R310 Atlantic Rd in order to get the keys to your St James apartment from the Whale Watchers office in Muizenberg. Travel under the railway bridge and about 300m further on, turn right into Beach Rd, then first right into Melrose Rd.

Whale Watchers Holiday Apartments office is about 200m down Melrose Rd, opposite Victory Villa [one of several colourful semi-detached cottages on the right hand side of the road]. We are open between 10:00am and 2:00pm weekdays, but if you are due to arrive outside of our office hours, please let us know beforehand so we can make alternative arrangements for you to get your keys.

To get to your St James apartment you need to go back to the main intersection where you turned left onto the R310 Atlantic Rd and went under the railway bridge. Do this by continuing down Melrose Rd from our office until you reach a stop street. Turn left here, back under the railway bridge and up the the traffic lights. Turn left here back onto Main Rd M4.

From the intersection, follow the road for 1.2km and look out for the Monsouri Building on the right hand side of the road. The Oyster Catcher apartment is located in this building.

Use the remote on your key ring to open the gates and proceed up the very steep driveway, turning right into the second underground parking garage entrance. Park up on the right hand wall just inside the entrance to the garage. Please do not park in front of any of the garage doors. Take the lift up to the second floor and access apartment number 7 [The Oyster Catcher].

Should you experience any difficulties, please call Belinda Robinson on 084 460 5987, or Mark Robinson on 082 573 6842 for assistance.

A Map of the The Cape Peninsula

Cape Peninsula